How Exploring Edinburgh Began and My Instagram Journey!

Friday, 2 February 2018 Edinburgh, UK

I admit, I'm a rather nosy person, and I love hearing stories about how people started their hobbies or what drew them to their current jobs. So, when I was thinking over what this week's blog post should be, I thought it might be fun to share with you how my Instagram journey started and how Exploring Edinburgh began!

Chapter 1: Where it began

According to my first Instagram account (whose name shall remain a secret), I posted my first ever photo on Instagram on the 4th of May 2012. It's hard to believe that's over 5 years ago, and yet it also seems odd to think of a world without Instagram - perhaps I'm being a tad dramatic (yes, I am). To compare my Instagram then and now, there is a vast difference - and I mean vast. Back then I was not adverse to post selfies or several snaps of my latest nail polish, and I used Instagram purely as a social media channel to communicate with friends and share what I was up to.

Chapter 2: When I started taking it more seriously

Once I moved to Edinburgh for university, I started to move away from random snaps and started being more picky with what I posted and eventually experimented with different editing styles. Looking back at these photos makes me quite sentimental, that's one of the reasons I love Instagram, it's great for documenting memories.

Chapter 3: Exploring Edinburgh

Eventually, I felt I had too many Edinburgh photos to post on my personal account, so I created a random private account to post these photos. Fast forward a couple months, I took part in a university summer pilot programme called SLICC - where participants were asked to design a course around our interests and choose a way to document our work. I opted for Edinburgh and photography, and documented my findings through Instagram. I finally picked a "proper" name for the account and changed the setting to public!
I started documenting my explorations and little bits of history I picked up along the way and to my surprise and delight, people started following and interacting with my photos! Apologies if this sounds clich├ęd, but, I feel this is how I truly discovered all that Edinburgh has to offer! I've included a few photos from the beginning which - unless you've been following the account from the beginning - you won't have seen!
I hope that's been somewhat interesting!
Bye for now x

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