The Most Charming Cafe: Strumpets Edinburgh (Review)

Thursday, 12 October 2017 35 William St, Edinburgh EH3 7LW, UK

I've been meaning to write a blog post about the lovely Strumpets cafe from quite sometime and, quite frankly, I'm ashamed at how long it has taken me.

Strumpets is a cosy little cafe tucked away in the West End at 35 William Street. There's many things I love about the cafe, but my favourite thing is how friendly their staff are. I remember the first time  I visited was for a meeting and the next time I visited was several months later (as I didn't stay very near) and the lovely barista still remembered me and greeted me like a friend would! The second time I visited, I was with my mum and the barista was so welcoming and genuinely interested in how our day was going and willing to let us smell all the teas before we ordered. This is one of the things I love about independent cafes in general, but, in my opinion Strumpets even excels more than others I've recently visited.

Now let's talk food and drinks. I'm a huge tea fan and after sampling many different teas in other Edinburgh cafes, I have come to the conclusion that my favourite is from Strumpets. Their tea is supplied by Tchai-Ovna - a tea house from Glasgow (I know, I feel like a traitor..). As I don't drink coffee I can't vouch for their coffee but I have read several positives reviews and I believe their coffee is supplied by Artisan Coffee. Strumpets also serve a range of home-baked goods. So far I've tried their cakes and their quiche and definitely wasn't disappointed! 

Lastly, I'm not sure how many of you choose your coffee shop depending on interior, but, personally it plays quite an important role for me. Personally, I find Strumpets light and breezy but also extremely cosy, and most importantly I find their seating comfy - nothing worse than a aesthetically pleasing chair which is super uncomfortable!

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