A Quintessential Scottish Breakfast at The Caledonian

Friday, 2 June 2017 Princes St, Edinburgh EH1 2AB, UK

15th May 2017

As I sat on the couch leisurely browsing through Instagram I noticed I had a message. To my surprise it was from @waedinburgh aka "Waldorf Astoria Edinburgh - The Caledonian". To summarise, the message invited me to their blogger breakfast to sample their newly launched "Quintessential Breakfast". Let's just say, I was beyond excited!

21st May 2017

Just less than a week later, here I was standing outside the majestic Caledonian hotel, definitely filled with a bit of trepidation - as this was my first time to visit the hotel and with a group of people I had never met before, or so I thought (we'll come back to this). I entered the hotel, not knowing what to expect, and sought out a member of staff. Spotting a jovial looking man, I asked where I could find the Pompadour Restaurant. To my delight the man excitedly asked "Are you here for the bloggers breakfast?". We walked toward the grand staircase and after learning that this was my first time inside the hotel, to my delight he insisted on giving me a quick tour and history of the building. The building was originally the railway hotel for The Princes Street train station (which was closed in 1965 - I recommend researching it, it's really interesting) and the Peacock Alley is located where the train platforms were, the original wall is still there! When we finally reached the Pompadour Restaurant, the first thing that caught my attention was the wonderful large window which overlooks Edinburgh Castle.

When the rest of the bloggers arrived, I was delighted to see my old ballet friend (who now runs the Instagram account @edinburgh_highlights with her boyfriend) enter. I enjoy meeting new people, but it was lovely to see a familiar face too. Once everyone had arrived and been offered drinks, the first course was brought out; which could be best described as a shot of strawberry smoothie - very refreshing! The second course was probably my favourite, perhaps because it reminded me of afternoon tea. I had previously notified The Caledonian that I did not eat meat, therefore, the three-tiered stand placed in front of me had a mixture of roast veg and avocados, rather than the selection of cold meats and cheese the others had. If I'm honest, after indulging in yogurt with muesli, fresh fruit and delicious bread, I was beyond satisfied and would have been more than happy if that was the final round but no the tasty treats did not stop there!

The next round consisted of a selection of three different types of Scottish salmon, which I was delighted to see as I am a big fan of salmon - one of the main reasons I have not made the transition into being fully veggie! The presentation was just as lovely as it all tasted, but a part of me was very conscious to not fully indulge as I knew that we hadn't even reached the main course yet!

I should have mentioned earlier that we all had the option of choosing from four main courses themed by different regions of Scotland - Lowlands, Highlands, Islands and Speyside. I opted for Highlands - Scottish Smoked Salmon with Eggs Benedict. By this stage, we all glanced at one another with knowing looks of "how am I going to finish this last round?", I am embarrassed to admit that as much as I enjoyed my main course I only managed one of the two English muffins with salmon.

Highlands - Scottish Smoked Salmon with Eggs Benedict


The breakfast starts at £25 and I would highly recommend trying it. I think the quality is fantastic and even better, the ingredients (where possible) are sourced from Scotland. I think it would be the perfect treat for a special birthday or celebration and something a bit different, instead of the traditional afternoon tea!

For more information or to book a table at Signature brasserie breakfast please call 0131 2228888

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