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Ever since I watched the Bucket List and the scene in New Year's Eve where Zac Efron helps Michelle Pfeiffer accomplish her New Year's resolutions, I've liked the idea of keeping a list of things I particularly want to do. I feel been very blessed to have crossed various amazing Edinburgh off my list but there are still plenty I'd love to do. Also, as you all seemed to enjoy my Edinburgh Bucket List 2018, I thought I'd be fun to post an updated Edinburgh Bucket List 2019!

I have to admit, I did not do particularly well with crossing everything off my 2018 bucket list, but some is better than none right? Hopefully, in 2019, I'll get the chance to cross a few things off my list that I have never gotten around to.

My Edinburgh Bucket List 2019

1. Rooftop of St Giles 

I've been in St Giles several times but I'd love to take their tour of their rooftop - I bet it has stunning views of Old Town! In case you're interested in visiting too, their rooftop tours currently run Saturday 10.30am – 4pm and Sunday 1.30pm – 4pm and cost £6 per person.

2. Bross Bagels 

I wouldn't necessarily call myself a foodie but I have heard so many great things about Bross Bagels that I'm desperate to visit soon and try one of their famous Montreal-style bagels! Anyone tried one yet?

3. Craigmillar Castle 

Lovingly known as Edinburgh's "other" castle, Craigmillar Castle is roughly a mile outside Edinburgh's old walls. I technically visited Craigmillar Castle years ago, but I only got the chance to walk around the walls as it was closed. Since I live relatively near it at the moment, I thought I better tick this off my list this year!

4. Gladstone's Land

This is one which I didn't get a chance to cross off last year but I am determined to do it this year - no more excuses! To be fair, I did go one day but they were closed (noticing a pattern? Apparently, I'm not very good at checking opening times). If you're interested in visiting, be sure to book in advance.

5. The Secret Herb Garden

Again, another one from last year's list but as soon as the warmer weather arrives, I intend to head out to visit the Secret Herb Garden. Located at the foot of the Pentland hills at the edge of Edinburgh lies the Secret Herb Garden set within a magical 7.5 acres bordered by native hedgerows and a gentle stream - plus they have a glasshouse cafe!

6. The Real Mary Kings Close

I'm finishing the list with another leftover from last year. The Real Mary King’s Close is a warren of underground streets and spaces. For years, the hidden Closes of Old Town Edinburgh have been shrouded in mysteries and it sounds like something I would love to learn more about.


  1. These sound amazing! We're hoping to make it to Edinburgh this year and I may just borrow your bucket list! :)

    Deanna |

  2. Hope you have an amazing visit!! x