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Okay, first a little background. I remember being in my first year of university and passing by the Hotel du Vin quite regularly. I would peer down the corridor which led to a court yard and admire their twinkly lights, then catch a glimpse of their restaurant as I passed by and think to myself how cosy it looked. Four years later I had still not been. So when I received an email from a lovely lady at 5pm deals, wondering if I would like to dine at one of the participating restaurants, I jumped at the opportunity.

So, on Saturday the 25th of November, my mum and I made our way into Edinburgh for lunch at (you guessed it) the Hotel du Vin. Once we were in the hotel, we were greeted and shown to a lovely table by the window. They took our drinks order first, and to my delight they had one of my favourite teas - Moroccan Mint with Rose!

As we were there for the set lunch, the options weren't extensive, especially as I'm a vegetarian. There was one meat dish, one fish dish, and vegetarian dish, for both the starter and the main course. My mum and I both opted for the vegetarian Tarte Provencale. It was unlike anything I would normally eat, but it was delicious. The base was like a pastry pancake with a sauce and tomatoes and courgettes on top. A light and refreshing start to our meal.

For our main course, I had the vegetarian crepe and my mum had the beef Bourguignon. We did enjoy our main course, but, it also wasn't our favourite course. I was envisioning crepes from my favourite crepe stall "Tupiniquim" when I ordered my food and when it came it was a tad too creamy for me. But it all comes down to preference.

The last course was my favourite. For dessert I had their ice cream filled proffiterols and my mum had the apple tart. It was the perfect finish to our meal.


Ambiance: 5/5
Service: 5/5
Food: 3.5/5 (Only down to personal preference, the ingredients were of a high quality)

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