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If you're like me, every once in a while you just crave a sweet treat and Edinburgh certainly provides us with plenty options to satisfy that craving! I decided to compile my top 4 favourite places (in no particular order) I've come across in the four years I've lived in the city. A few tiny disclaimers before we begin. First, I've most definitely not visited all the cafes or cake shops in Edinburgh. Second, I personally love French pastries (which is why you'll notice 2 patisseries feature on my list)! So without further ado let's begin!

1. Lovecrumbs 

First, can we pause to appreciate how adorable the name "Lovecrumbs" is! Right, back to the post. I honestly can't remember when I was first introduced to Lovecrumbs, I have a feeling my friend Kate may have been involved though. But from the first time I saw their window display (a collection of heart shaped cakes - for Valentines Day I believe) I was sold. They continued to impress when I pushed open the door to reveal a quirky and eclectic shop, where their cakes are displayed in a wardrobe. They offer several distinct flavours, and include options for different dietary requirements. Once you've selected and paid for your treat, it's time to chose whether to chose a traditional table, or brave it in their unusual window seat or perhaps sit at the convert piano table?
If I haven't mentioned before, I love tea, and I always enjoy when I receive tea leaves instead of simply a tea bag; which is another reason I adore Lovecrumbs. Lastly, another small detail I appreciate it is, when they aren't super busy, they even match the plates with the cake you ordered.

2. Patisserie Madeleine

Out of all of the patisseries I've visited, the pastries and macaroons at Patisserie Madeleine are my all time favourite. I mean it, you literally cannot go wrong with your choice. If I was pushed to choose just one favourite from my list, this would have to be the place. The little patisserie is nestled away in the middle of Stockbridge's high street and very popular among locals. My go to order is a selection of macrons and a tea (they have an offer on 3 macrons and a hot drink, unfortunately I can't remember the price and can't find it online either) or an eclair. My only tiny complaint is that the seat isn't always very comfortable if the shop is particularly busy, so I recommend going off-peak if possible. 

When I think of afternoon tea in Edinburgh, I think One Square. My mum and I stumbled across it while waiting for a show at the Usher Hall (right across the road) and it soon became an annual - if not more often - tradition of ours to visit. It's more on the pricey end (£29), hence why we don't visit more often, but we have never been disappointed so far. Another aspect I appreciate is their afternoon tea is always themed and the theme changes a couple times a year, so we always look forward to sample the new menu.

 4. Mademoiselle Macaron

 As mentioned above, Patisserie Madeleine is my ultimate favourite patisserie, but that doesn't mean I don't also admire several aspects about Mademoiselle Macaron. First, their interior decor is tr√®s cute! I particularly like the map on their wall which has merged streets of Edinburgh and Paris, their Eiffel Tower which once doubled as a table, and their cushions shaped as macaroons. Their window desplay is also always wonderfully designed, which compliments their great view of Edinburgh Castle. Lastly, I have to award them with the most creative take on macaroons; take for example their Scottish Whammy macron, which has Scotland's national drink Irn-Bru as an ingredient.

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