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I definitely had a bit of a lie in today, and regretted it, things were made worse as I drew open my curtains and was greeted by the sight of steady rainfall. I had a feeling this was going to be an unproductive day but one thing I was highly looking forward to was an invitation I had received, a week prior, to attend Coach's bloggers event to celebrate their relatively new store.


I was all dressed and ready to set off,  armoured with my storm umbrella (which claimed not to blow inside out or break in bad weather - well I was about to put it to the test). Throughout the day I constantly peeked out the window hoping the rain might have stopped - it hadn't. Anyway, I set off to meet my friend Kate, as we had agreed to meet outside Waverly Station at 5.40pm and walk to Coach together.


We arrived, albeit slightly wet, at Coach and were greeted by a lovely bunch of friendly faces, who offered to take our sodden brollies, handed us glasses of prosecco and a selection of canapés to choose from.

Refreshments provided by Hickory Bars

I admit I had some preconceived notions regarding staff at luxury retail stores - as it had been my experience that they were often a bit standoffish. But, over the next two hours, I would be proven completely wrong. The first person to introduce herself was the lovely store manager Jennifer - I really appreciated how welcome she made us feel - and she soon delved into the fascinating history behind the brand and the store's design. For instance, I learned that Bonnie Cashin, who was hired by Coach in 1962, introduced the toggle clasp (which she gained inspiration from the fastening on her sports car roof), the tote bag (which she developed after being tired of carrying paper bags) and leather/metal cross-body strap on the bag (which she developed after wanting to walk her dogs without carrying a bag, and the design was inspired by her dog's leash). After our chat, we had a browse around their beautiful store and checked out their latest collection. With regards to their collection, I particularly liked the mix of classic and trendy pieces. For instance, their latest collection featured NASA and Rexy their mascot (pictured below).

I also really appreciated the quality - almost all the goods were made from beautiful supple leather. In this day and age, where more often than not you are paying for the brand's name and not always the quality, it was refreshing to hear that you really get what you pay for at Coach.

As Kate and I continued to browse around the store, I was continually surprised and delighted at how friendly the staff were, and the fact that they were as happy to talk about random topics, as well as the brand, made the experience all the better. Another fun fact I learned from them was, the store is heavily influenced by New York. For instance, the picture below shows one of the shop's displays, and we were informed that the iron self was inspired by the fire escapes on the outside of New York buildings, and the display unit below is inspired by the New York City Library. Being a sucker for details, I really appreciated this!


A glass of prosecco and many canapés later, it was time for the prize draw! Unfortunately, we didn't win but one fortunate lady won a Coach Dinky bag and one impeccably dressed gentleman won one of their backpacks. Despite not winning, we were handed gift bags each, and were beyond surprised when we opened it (Items pictured below)!

Overall, it was such a delightful evening and I must admit I have fallen slightly in love with the brand and their philosophy. I also wanted to mention Hikory Bars, from the adorable jars of cheesecake to the mini bagels, Kate and I thoroughly enjoyed the food they provided. Lastly, I wanted to thank Coach for the invite and the member of staff for being so friendly and welcoming! No doubt I'll be back.

If you'd like to visit Coach for yourself, they just recently opened their first store in Scotland; which is located on 4 Multrees Walk.

Bye for now!

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